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Assisted Services is registered with the Care Inspectorate.

About Assisted Services

Assisted Services provides a range of solutions to individuals and families who need care and support within their own homes, enabling them to preserve their independence and dignity. We do this with dedication, integrity and compassion. Our values are to ensure that the focus of our work is on the needs and aspirations of individuals, whether they are service users or staff. We also aim to ensure that the service we deliver is of the highest possible quality.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are services available 7 days a week?

Yes. Services are available for as little as a 15 minute visits, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

What services does Assisted Services Provide?

 A list of the services we can provide can be found by clicking the following link: - Services We Can Provide

How is care/support workers selected?

Each care/support worker is carefully screened and trained before being introduced to a service user. Each employee must undergo a rigorous process including criminal background checks, and professional reference checks. We strive to ensure that the service user is involved in the employment of our staff.

What training do you provide to care/support workers?

All Care/Support Workers, regardless of background and experience, must undertake Assisted Services own training and all mandatory elements. Mandatory elements include, but are not limited to; Health and Safety, Moving and Handling, First Aid awareness, Food and Hand Hygiene, Medication awareness etc. In addition, Care/support Workers are provided with Service User specific training.

We also have our own Dementia Awareness training programme which is of huge benefit to those who work with sufferers and those who receive our services. We conduct regular quality assurance home visits to ensure Care/Support Workers are providing the service that has been agreed and to ensure Service Users and their families are fully content with every aspect of that service.

Is there a written Care Plan for every Individual? Is it reviewed and if so, how often?

The Care Manager develops an individualised and completely confidential Plan of Care for each Service User. The purpose is to document the type of care services needed and when the Service user would like to initiate care. Once the service user, and family members, and Care Manager agree on the Care Plan, the office staff will use this information to recommend the care/support worker who will be delivering the service, establish the schedule and agree to the monitoring and reviewing of the care plan.

Will I have the same care/support worker all the time? How will I meet the care /support worker?

During the initial home visit, the Care Manager will document the services required and the Service User's preferences for a Care/Support Worker match. The Care Manager will then introduce a number of care/support workers to the service user this then allows the service user to select the Care/Support Worker with whom they are most comfortable. During that meeting, all of the involved parties review the Care Plan to ensure that everyone agrees and understands what services are to be provided.

What if my care/support worker is unwell or on holiday?

We employ a team of care workers so that your care service will not be interrupted if someone gets sick or goes on holiday. If your Care/Support Worker is unavailable, the Care Manager will arrange another care worker and will contact you in advance of the change. The Care Manager will also introduce the interim Care/Support Worker to you and review your Care Plan with the interim Care/Support Worker prior to service. Our goal is to ensure that services are provided as expected. Your safety and security are a top priority.

Do you provide services for people in hospital?

Yes. We can provide companionship, personal care, and assistance with feeding to vulnerable adults who may desire additional attention or personalised care.



From the beginning of my contact with Assisted Services, the owner and the team came across as very empathetic, friendly and understanding.  The owner regularly keeps in contact and ensures there are clear lines of communication. I am pleased to say her staff are well trained, polite and friendly. There have been no delay’s or any missed calls and the care workers assigned to me are extremely professional and have built a good rapport with me. Their documentation and attention to detail, along with the flexibility in their service is impeccable.

I am very happy that my privacy is also respected.  My carers are not intrusive and ensure the necessary boundaries are adhered to, they have always shown sensitivity and care towards my circumstances and their support is invaluable.

The staff that manage in the office are willing to work with other carers in the care field if necessary. The staff are all one big team who work together and go above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy with the service, this includes making sure the carers are looked after and happy in their work.

These care workers help me live my life with personal care, taking me out to meet friends etc. along with everything else they do for me.  I would definitely recommend Assisted Services as a care company.

The level of care I am provided is always to the highest standard, and I would be happy to recommend Assisted Services to others seeking Care at Home.

- One of our Service Users testimony


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